Rich Kelly loves hunting; itís his passion. He finds thereís something about being out in the woods, patiently going after your prey, being with his buddies, telling stories by the campfire, that revitalizes and renews his spirit.

When heís not hunting, heís at home planning for the next trip: going over maps and schedules, getting permits, stocking up on supplies. An avid outdoorsman, Rich also loves to fish and go camping - he just enjoys being outdoors. Itís an integral part of his life that he shares with friends and family.

Most of the time, youíll find Rich hard at work as a financial representative so he can also help his clients find time to enjoy the outdoors. Rich has learned many lessons about patience, trust, and self-reliance. These lessons have not only prompted his success as a businessman and financial representative, but also as a husband and father.

E-mail Rich if youíd like to enjoy a complimentary, no-pressure consultation.